Lions Give Generously to Hospital Cubs

Published/updated: 26/01/09 14:22

January 26 2009Grateful neo natal staff at Heartlands Hospital are set to celebrate the arrival of a new piece of life saving equipment this week, thanks to the fundraising efforts of the local Lions club.

The community service organisation raised £1,200for the hospital’s Breath of Life neo natal appeal and has purchased ‘Stephanie’, a special ventilator for premature babies.

Chief executive, Mark Goldman, was presented with a cheque by the current and former head of Birmingham Exhibition Lions Club.

Dr Mike Watkinson, consultant paediatrician, said: “The Trust has had a long relationship with the Lions and it has been a vital partner in raising funds to help save babies’ lives in our hospital.”

Mike Ryan, president of the club, said: “We have had strong links with the Heart of England Foundation Trust for around 25 years now and we are always thinking of new ways we can help the organisation. Other fundraising has included the original children’s dialysis unit and parents’ accommodation at the hospital.”

The Birmingham Exhibition Lions Club is a charitable organisation with more than 45,000 clubs serving 200 countries worldwide.

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