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FOI 5242 Agency Staffing

Please can you provide the following information under FOI laws:

  1. The trust’s completed ‘Detailed agency collection” for month 12 of 2016-17, showing the year to date figures. If for any reason the trust is minded not to provide this document, please list the five specialties for which the trust had the highest agency staff costs – as a % of total pay costs for the specialty – in 2016-17.
  2. Please state the total number of shifts for which the trust breached the national pay cap for medical agency staff in 2016-17 (55% above basic rates), and break this total down for each specialty where the breach occurred (It’s fine to only detail the top five specialties).
  3. Please state the total number of shifts for the trust breached the national pay cap for agency nursing staff in 2016-17 (55% above basic rates), and break this total down for each specialty where the breach occurred. (It’s fine to only detail the top five specialties).
  4. Please state the total number of shifts which required CEO sign off, and break these down for each specialty.
  5. Please state the ten shifts for agency medical staff for which the highest hourly rate was paid. Please state the rate paid and the specialty.
  6. For individual medical locums who have incurred the greatest total expenditure for the trust in 2016-17, please state the total amounts paid by the trust in the year in relation to these individuals’ work. Please also state their specialty. Eg: Medical locum 1, emergency medicine, total expenditure by the trust in 2016-17; £196,000

Please see attached FOI 5242

  1. Who is the policy or clinical lead for blood culture best practice at your trust? Please provide a name, job title, postal address, email address and phone number.
  2. Does your Trust follow the Public Health England SMI guidelines for blood cultures?
  3. How many blood culture sets are taken for each suspected case of (a) sepsis and (b) other bacterial infection, and where there is more than one blood culture set taken are these taken from different sites – please provide an answer for both (a) and (b).
  4. How many individual blood cultures were taken at your trust in the following years: (a) 2012/13 (b) 2013/14 (c) 2014/15 (d) 2015/16 (e) 2016/17?
  5. How many individual blood cultures were identified as being contaminated in the following years: (a) 2012/13 (b) 2013/14 (c) 2014/15 (d) 2015/16 (e) 2016/17?

Please see attached FOI 5244

Information request 1 – Which system/ supplier do you currently use for time & attendance/ duty rostering

Allocate Software – Healthroster

Information request 2 – The number of employees supported on the above systems(s)


Information request 3 – The contract value when the above was last purchased

This information is available on the Trust’s website at . We are therefore withholding this information under Section 21 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 “information already accessible “.

Information request 4 – The contract renewal date for the above


Information request 5 – The person responsible for overseeing any potential replacement of the above

Chief Nurse

Information request 6 – The person with overall responsibility for the above

Chief Nurse

Within your trust how many intra-vitreal vials/implants have been used in the latest 4 months, if possible between January and April 2017? Please state the number of vials dispensed from your pharmacy in this period, if the number for wet AMD is not known, then regardless of reason for use.

Please see attached FOI 5263

In relation to the MIU at Solihull Hospital, please provide:

  1. The date of any occasion since April 2015 when the MIU has closed during its normal opening hours, including for each occasion:

 There have not been any unplanned closures since April 2015

  1. The duration of each closure, and

 Not applicable

  1. The reasons for the closure.

 Not applicable


PLEASE NOTE: The patient numbers referred to in this FOI response relate solely to patients treated in the NHS at the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust.  The Trust does not hold any information or patient records pertaining to Mr Paterson’s private practice.

  1. How many trust patients received so-called cleavage sparing mastectomy (CSM) by the surgeon Ian Stuart Paterson?

1207 patients had a mastectomy procedure under the care of Mr Paterson.  All the patients known to be alive (697) were invited to a recall clinic and 564 of these patients chose to attend.

Not the whole total mastectomy cohort of 1207 was invited; reasons being:

  • Some patients had already discussed their treatment during their usual follow up appointment at the Trust
  • Some patients were initially identified as being under the care of a different surgeon
  • Unable to contact – e.g. patient moved abroad
  • 387 of these patients were deceased
  1. How many of these CSM patients have been recalled by the trust?

Between 2010 and 2012, 697 patients were invited to a recall clinic for examination and assessment.

  1. When did trust directors first inform trust governors that a recall of Ian Paterson’s patients was underway?

Reference was first made about a recall of Mr Paterson’s patients in 2010.  This was discussed at the Governors’ Consultative Council 22.11. 2010.

The trust recently stated in FOI response number 5157 that it has reviewed Ian Paterson’s outcomes and concluded:

“The figures suggest that the outcomes for Mr Paterson’s patients are not outside the expected norms”

  1.    How many of the patients who received CSM have subsequently experienced a recurrence of breast cancer?

The number of patients in the alive mastectomy cohort who went on to develop a recurrence of their breast cancer is 68 patients.


  1. How many of the patients who received CSM, to the trust’s knowledge, have subsequently died as a result of breast cancer recurrence?

There has not been an analysis of the deceased patients to determine who may have had a CSM or other type of incomplete mastectomy; the Trust’s efforts have been to focus on reviewing the patients who are alive to ensure that they are having the best individualised care and advice possible in these distressing circumstances.

Please advise if the trust considers that Ian Paterson’s outcomes in the CSM cases are within the expected norms for standard mastectomy, and any data that it relies upon to draw this conclusion.

The analysis underway at the Trust is using data that has been collected and interpreted by the independent review team when determining whether a patient received adequate local treatment for their breast cancer.  The review is not yet finalised.

6,   Please provide a copy of the terms of reference/ or equivalent records on the remit of the panel who in 2015 reviewed the cases of recalled trust patients, and a copy of any analysis or report provided to the trust by this review panel.

Copy attached of the vMDT Terms of Reference. vMDT ToR

Analysis of the data has not been finalised.  This should be available by the end of June 2017.

  1.   How many complaints by patients and families about Ian Paterson have been upheld by the trust?

Between 2011- 2017 the Trust has recorded 90 complaints. However in addition to these complaints, a number of clinical claims were also received and settled by the Trust.

Complaints relating to IP
2011 29
2012 43
2013 12
2014 1
2015 1
2016 1
2017 3
Total 90


  1. To the trust’s knowledge, how many trust staff in total have raised concerns about Ian Paterson’s clinical practice and or his behaviour? If possible, provide the numbers of concerns raised by financial year, and broad details of the concerns raised.

In 2003 consultant medical staff raised concerns about his clinical practice and his behaviour towards colleagues.

Further similar concerns were raised in 2007.

  1.  Were any of these staff who raised concerns about Ian Paterson subsequently suspended, disciplined or dismissed? If so, please indicate how many staff were suspended, disciplined or dismissed.







1.How much has the trust spent on taxis ferrying staff from one hospital site to another hospital site which is experiencing staffing difficulties over the current business year and the previous four financial years?

We do not hold this information

2. How many NHS staff were transported in this way due to recruitment and staffing issues and from what sites to what sites?

We do not hold this information

3. When a decision was taken to use a taxi service to bring in extra staff, how many nurses were on shift at the destination hospital and what was the nursing/patient ratio?

We do not hold this information

1) In relation to the costs recouped by your Trust as a result of these policies for the financial

Years 2014/15, 2015/16, and 2016/17, I would like to know:

 a. The total number of ‘Overseas Visitors’ who were invoiced for using services in each

of these financial years.

2014/15, 171                       2015/16, 140                       2016/17, 188

b. The total amount of income ‘Overseas Visitors’ were invoiced for in each of these financial years.

2014/15, £161K                   2015/16, £273K               2016/17, £404K

c. The number of these invoices which were sent to UK addresses and the total amount they represented.

 95 % of invoices are sent to a UK address

 d. The total amount of payments actually recovered in each of these financial years.

 2014/15, £104K                2015/16, £178K                 2016/17, £340K

e. The amount of debts written off in each of these financial years.

 2014/15, NIL       2015/16, NIL       2016/17, NIL

 2) In relation to the costs incurred by your Trust of implementing these policies, I would like to


 a. The cost of funding the salaries of Overseas Visitors Manager/s and any staff supporting them. 

 £52,390 per year

b. Any other costs associated with this work, including those such as facilities and equipment.

£11,578 per year

c. The overall cost of implementing these policies.


3) I would also like to request:

 a. copies of any communications with the Department of Health, including emails, electronic documentation and meeting minutes, regarding this matter which relates specifically to your Trust, for example feedback on your performance following submission of the data.

See attachments

 b.The minutes of any board meetings where this matter was discussed.

We do not hold this information

4) Any other information which you believe is relevant to this request.

We do not hold this information

5) I would also like to know whether or not your Trust has been identified as one of those citied by Jeremy Hunt in ‘Making a Fair Contribution’ as one that “NHS Improvement will work intensively over the coming months with” because it is considered to be one of those “who has the most potential to recover costs” as a result of its “geography and size”.

Our Trust has not been identified as one of those citied by Jeremy Hunt.

Please see attachments

Immigration Enforcement CAS FINAL Midlands OVM Forum February 2017 Minutes for Midlands OVM Meeting 1st February 2017


  1. How many operations have been cancelled for non-clinical reasons IN THE 3 DAYS BEFORE a patient was due to be admitted?
  2. Out of those cancellations, how many were rescheduled within 1 month?
  3. How many operations have been cancelled for non-clinical reasons ON THE DAY a patient was due to be admitted?
  4. Out of those cancellations, how many were rescheduled within the statutory time limit – e.g. 28 days?

Please provide this data by month for 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 – up to and including April 2017.

Please see attached

FOI 5198

Q1.  Do you use variable rate intravenous insulin infusion (VRIII) (formerly known as sliding scale) within your hospital 


If yes continue questions if no end of request

Q2.  Is the training you offer specific to VRIII or is it included in generic IV training

Generic IV training

Q3.  Is the VRIII training conducted by the diabetes team yes/no?


Q4. If it is specific VRIII training conducted by the diabetes team is it mandatory for all staff who wish to use VRIII. 

Not applicable

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