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FOI 2671 Pest control and translation services

Please can you send me:

– The amount of money spent on pest control in your trust over the past five years. Please could you break this down year by year. In each case of spending please you provide details of what pest control service was provided and name the company used if possible. For example, dealing with mice, removal of bird droppings etc.


The Trust has a contract with EcoLab written in line with the NHS guidelines. The contractor has to be available at any time, including weekends and bank Holidays, during the course of the contract to exterminate and/or control pests.


The contract price was agreed for the length of the contract across the 3 Hospitals the total contract price is £106,390.40 + VAT for the period 01/10/2009 to 30/09/2014 . This is split over the period of the contract . (FOI 2193)


Attachment 1 shows details of pests. Attachment1


I would also like to know:

– The amount of money spent on translating documents and providing interpreters in your trust over the past five years. Please could you break this down year by year. I would like a total spend each year – broken down into translation and interpreting services. For each year please could you also say how many languages are being translated from English.


HEFT In –house interpreting service:


Current Cost, approximately £ 53,000  staff salary (one full-time and two part-time Band 4)


The interpreting team also produce a variety of patient information written translation in Urdu and  Bengali languages. There is no addition cost to this work.


BILCS Interpreting service is hosted by the Clinical Commissioning Group


This service was funded by the local Primary Care Trusts and was delivered free of charge to acute hospitals including HEFT until 31 March 2013.


2009/2010 = 2594 interpreting sessions 49 languages used; Cost £ 95,772.60

2010/2011 = 3848 interpreting sessions 51 languages used; Cost £ 140,113.40

2011/2012 = 4085 interpreting sessions 50 languages used; Cost £ 141,534.96

2012/2013 = 2285 interpreting sessions 40 languages used; Cost £ 76,038.48


The figures above were provided by BILCS interpreting service. They do not hold figures for 2008/09.


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