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FOI 2841 Cancelled Operations

The attached spreadsheet  FOI 2841 – All Specialties – No Beds 2008-2013  shows the number of operations that were cancelled for non-clinical reasons because there were no beds available, by quarter and by specialty. This data refers to ‘last minute’ (on the day) hospital-led cancellations.



Further to the Freedom of Information Request (under the Freedom of Information Act 2000) that I sent on Wednesday 11th December 2013, requesting details of the number operations at HEART OF ENGLAND NHS FOUNDATION TRUST that were cancelled for non-clinical reasons because there were no beds available.


I would like the ‘total’ number across all treatment functions/specialties, where an operation was cancelled because there were no beds available. Not just the total of the treatment functions/specialties that I stated in my original request.


If it is not possible to provide the following information by quarter, please provide this information by full financial year.


If it not possible to provide the information by the treatment functions set out below, please provide the total numbers.


Quarterly Period

Total number across all treatment functions/specialties

2008-09 June  
2008-09 September  
2008-09 December  
2008-09 March  
2009-10 June  
2009-10 September  
2009-10 December  
2009-10 March  
2010-11 June  
2010-11 September  
2010-11 December  
2010-11 March  
2011-12 June  
2011-12 September  
2011-12 December  
2011-12 March  
2012-13 June  
2012-13 September  
2012-13 December  


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