FOI 4172 Sterilisation of Surgical Instruments

Published/updated: 30/11/15 14:24

1. Is the current sterilisation unit for sterilisation of surgical instruments and implants used by the trust an in-house facility or do you currently pay a privately owned sterilisation unit to sterilise the trusts surgical equipment?


Decontamination services to the Trust are provided by an external  contractor. The decontamination facility used is owned by the Trust and leased to the contractor.


2. What is the cost to the trust for sterilisation per surgical tray?


The cost for the decontamination of a surgical tray depends on the contents of the tray and whether it is used within an operating theatre or in a ward or non-operating theatre department. Costs for the decontamination of surgical trays are detailed in response to request number 3 below


3. Is this cost dependent on number of instruments per tray and what is the costing per banding for each quantity of instruments per tray?


The cost for the decontamination of a tray is dependent on the number of items in the tray as detailed in the attached document.

FOI4172.doc response

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