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FOI 4844 Clinical Coding


  1. Which directorate of the organisation does the clinical coding department fall into? – Finance


  1. Please supply structure of your clinical coding department including AfC bands for each role. Attached Clinical Coding Department


  1. How many clinical coders does the trust employ? 38 including Auditors/Trainers & Supervisors


  1. How many contract clinical coders work with/for the coding department? – currently 3


  1. Please include a breakdown of all contract or interim appointments/engagements relating to the clinical coding department over the last twelve months. 1 Contractor from May 16, 2 from June 16 & 3 from July to November


  1. What is the total clinical coding department spend on agency staff over the past twelve months? Total agency spend for 12 months from Oct 2015 to Sept 2016 is £129,867


  1. What is the average agency rate your Trust has paid for an agency clinical coder based on data and engagement in the last twelve months? Band 7 Agency Clinical Coders are costing £32.45 per hour at a basic rate.


  1. What is the total rate of pay your clinical coding department is able to pay for a contract clinical coder in accordance with the Monitor/TDA price caps? Currently negotiable


  1. Since the inception of these pricing caps how many contract clinical coders have the trust engaged? 3


  1. Please state the number of these contractors that were secured within the Monitor/TDA capped price according to banding for accredited clinical coders at the trust. None


  1. How many coders within your department hold the National Clinical Coding Qualification? 14


  1. Do your coders have daily coding benchmarks on quantity? If yes what are your coders’ daily coding benchmark? Do they vary with specialties or coding experience? 30- 40 FCEs every coder


  1. Do you have a Clinical Classifications Service Approved Clinical Coding Auditor? Yes


  1. Do you have a TAP Approved Clinical Coding Trainer? Yes


  1. How many FCE’s per year do you have?352,127


  1. On average, how many episodes are being coded in a day? 44 on average


  1. How many episodes are expected from coders a day/week?30 – 40 per day or 150 – 200 per week


  1. What % of coders meet productivity expectations?          99%


  1. Do you code totally from the case notes or an Electronic Patient Record? Both


  1. Do you have an encoder? Yes


  1. How long have you had an encoder for? Approx. 3 years


  1. Please list all/any clinical information systems and software that contribute to the clinical coding process. Concerto/Icare, Pathology/ICE, Electronic Handover , Bookwise, Proton, Badgernet


  1. When does the trust anticipate being totally paperless? We do not hold this information, a decision has not yet been taken.


  1. Who by and how are mortality reviews undertaken within your Trust? Clinical & Coding review undertaken by the relevant Clinician and then the Coding Auditor


  1. When did the trust carry out its Clinical Coding Information Governance Audit for 2015/16? Completed over the whole year for IG requirements 15/16


  1. Who carried out the 15/16 clinical coding IG audit? If this was commercial company please state the name of the company? Trust in house Clinical coding Auditor


  1. Please supply a copy of the written report from your most recent annual Information Governance audits. Attached IG Audit report 2015-16 (HEFT)


  1. Please supply a copy of your last PbR clinical coding audit. Attached PaTaf 201415 – end of coding audit report – Heart of England – final


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