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FOI0069 Overseas Patients

The total amount of money received from private patients (‘private patient income’) in each of the following years, expressed as an amount (in £) and as a percentage of your Trust’s income in the relevant year:

1. 2012-13
2. 2013-14
3. 2014-15
4. 2015-16
5. 2016-17
6. 2017-18 (if available)

If providing answers for each of these years triggers the S.12 exemption of the Freedom of Information Act, I would like you to answer the questions in reverse order (5 – 1) until the total number of hours used to work on this request exceeds the number relevant for s.12 exception.

I have provided a table of how I would like the data presented for ease:

Please find the attached PDF document.


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