FOI Feedback Form

Published/updated: 08/12/16 11:22

If you have recently requested and received information from us under the Freedom of Information Act, we would appreciate your feedback in order to help us improve our service.

The form below is anonymous. Please be aware that providing feedback does not in any way interfere with your right to complain or request an appeal in relation to your request or prevent you from making requests in the future.

Please do not use this form to make a Freedom of Information request

1. Why did you make a request under the Freedom of Information Act?

Other Reason (please state)

2. Was the response you received clear ?

If no, please tell us why not

3. Did you receive the information in the format you requested?

4. Please rate the following:

a. The correspondence in relation to your request:

b. The quality of information received:

c. Your overall impression of the service:

5. How could we improve our service ?

Any other comments ?

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