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Good Hope Urodynamics

We aim to provide prompt and effective diagnosis and treatment to all ladies referred to us suffering from bladder problems.

Urodynamics is a term used to describe a test which measures the pressures in the bladder during both filling and emptying and the urine flow rate on emptying the bladder.

Why do I need to see a Specialist?

Your gynaecologist needs to know in more detail what is happening in and around your bladder causing you to have problems.The most appropriate treatment can then be offered.

What happens at Clinic?

Before your appointment
You will receive a fluid balance chart, and a quality of life questionnaire to fill in and we would like you to bring this with you to your appointment. You will also receive an information sheet explaining in detail the test.

At the clinic
Any questions you may have about the test will be answered and when you are satisfied you know exactly what happens, you will be asked to sign a consent form.

You will be given a gown to wear and asked to lie on a couch. Two fine tubes are then put in place. One is in the bladder to fill your bladder with fluid and also to measure the pressure in the bladder. The other is in the rectum or back passage and this measures what is happening in the abdomen, outside the bladder. Both pressures are recorded on a computer.

While your bladder is filling we will ask you some questions about how your bladder is feeling. At the end of the test we ask you to empty your bladder the tubes are removed and you can get dressed. The results of the test and any further treatments will be discussed with you at this point.

What are the risks involved?
There is a slight risk of a urine infection after the test but we use a sterile technique to keep this risk to a minimum


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