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Gynaecology Directory of Services

Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit (EPAU) – Good Hope

Clinical Nurse Specialist Lead – Jacqui Rutter

Nurse Specialist – Jane Rees

HCA and Clinic Clerk – Rachel Jones


Second floor – Ward 2  Fothergill Block

Clinic Times

 Clinics are held every weekday (Monday to Friday) from 09.00 hours to 12 midday.

Attendance is by appointment only

Contact details
Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit:

Tel 0121 424 7747

Who can be referred?

Women up to 15 weeks gestation with any of the following:

¨       Bleeding

¨       Pain

¨       Risk of ectopic pregnancy

¨       History of previous miscarriage

 How can a referral be made?

Referrals can be telephoned through to the unit from the following:

¨       Your GP

¨       Your Community Midwife

¨       Your Health Visitor

What will happen at the clinic visit? 

¨       You will be assessed by a practitioner skilled in the diagnosis and management of problems in early pregnancy. This will involve being asked a series of questions and may involve an internal examination.

¨       If necessary a scan will be performed to aid diagnosis.

¨       Sometimes blood tests may be necessary but you will be advised of this during the consultation.

¨       You will be given advice and support regarding your diagnosis.

¨       A follow up appointment may be necessary.

¨       Please allow at least one hour for your consultation.

Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit (EPAU) – Heartlands

Gynae Matron: Tracey Nash

Miscarriage Midwife Specialist: Rachel Small

Line Manager: Rebecca Henman

Clinical Nurse Specialists: Susan Paget/Vicky Parsons/Donna Lee

Staff Nurses: Angela Sampson/Rachel Knight

HCA; Terrie Coffman

Ward clerks: Amanda Hillman/Kulvir Kaur/ Karen Restell

Early Pregnancy Unit – is a 24/7 emergency area that specialises in early pregnancy complications, it consists of 2 scan rooms, 2 treatment rooms, 2 consultation rooms, an MVA bay & a day case hyeremesis unit.  The EPU is at the cutting edge of early pregnancy care with experts working within the unit.  All staff are dedicated to giving  high quality care to women in early pregnancy, this includes CNS trained in scanning to offer continuity of care to women and streamline their care so avoiding delays in diagnosis of miscarriage/ectopic & unnecessary admissions to A&E.

Recurrent Miscarriage clinic – is a dedicated clinic ran by Dr Gupta (Consultant) and Rachel Small (Midwife Specialist), who specialise in miscarriage care.  Women are offered investigations into why they may be losing their babies.  Support is given with continuity of care into the next pregnancy with treatment as necessary.  The clinic is dedicated to finding new causes of miscarriage and is actively involved in commercial and non-commercial trials.  Rachel Small is an exec member of the Association of early pregnancy units, board member of UK early pregnancy surveillance system & Prism trial steering committee.

Recurrent / miscarriage support

Approximately 1 in 6 pregnancies ends in miscarriage, it is a more common problem than most people imagine and can be a unhappy, lonely and distressing experience.  1 in 100 couples trying for a baby experiences recurrent miscarriages usually defined as 3 or more miscarriages in a row.  Investigations aren’t usually offered to woman after 1 miscarriage, this is due to statistics showing their chances of a successful pregnancy next time are extremely good, suggesting their miscarriage were due to chance rather than an underlying cause.  If a woman has 2 or more in a row statistics show it is more likely to be an underlying cause, so referral to the recurrent miscarriage clinic is advised for investigations.

The investigations include chromosomal analysis, immunological tests, hormonal tests, infection tests, sticky blood tests and pre-conceptual care.  There are a number of less common causes of miscarriage, they are cervical weakness and uterine abnormalities (associated with later miscarriages), if appropriate these will be investigated.  We believe in the clinic that all causes of miscarriage are not yet known therefore we strive to find causes in a safe way via research.  

Once the investigations are completed the staff in the clinic will plan the best treatment for each individual patient, this also includes support in the subsequent pregnancy.  After a pregnancy loss the anxiety experienced in the following pregnancy can be quite high.  Staff in the clinic will offer you support  by giving you  ultrasound scans from appropriate gestations.




Ambulatory Gynaecology OPD


Gynae Oncology

Care4 Suite (Solihull)

In Care 4we have a RAPID ACCESS clinic each week where ladies are scanned, seen by the Consultant and if needed they have a hysteroscopy (look inside their uterus) ? any reason for their problem. Not all ladies need a hysteroscopy so it may be just an examination. We do hysteroscopy clinics, (looking inside the uterus). We do Colposcopy, referral for abnormal  cytology. Care 4 Suite is the GOPD Solihull.

Gynae outpatients at Solihull (no inpatient facility)

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