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Netherbrook Birth Unit – Solihull Hospital

  • Maternity Sol 1 _AWR0158Netherbrook Birth Unit (Solihull) provides midwifery care to low risk women.
  • The care given is individualised and personal recognizing that women and their families have a right and responsibility to assume an active role in their own healthcare
  • Facilities:
    • Large open plan design
    • Refurbished to exceptionally high standards
    • 1 en-suite birthing room with a large deep birthing pool (Ocean Room)
    • 1 shared en-suite birthing room with a large deep birthing pool (Seabreeze Room)
    • 1 shared en-suite birthing room (Orchid Room)
    • 2 post natal bedrooms with shared en-suite (Springfield Room & Peony Room)
    • Large dining/mobilizing room
    • Tea & coffee making facilities
  • Environment:
    • Staff recognise that labour and birth is a normal life event and that every woman and her baby is unique.
    • Staff are kind, friendly and highly skilled. There are no doctors present on the unit.
    • We aim to provided 1:1 midwifery care during and after birth.
    • Clean private rooms, with dignity respected at all times.
  • Available Pain Relief:
    • Music
    • Soft mats
    • Birthing balls
    • TENs
    • Birthing pools for labour and/or birth
    • Gas & Air (Entonox)
    • Pethidine or Morphine injections
    • Epidurals are not available on Netherbrook Birth Unit
  • After birth:
    • Time to rest and reflect on your birth in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.
    • Advice and practical help with feeding
    • Parent craft advice available if required.
    • Early transfer home 4-6hours following birth when appropriate.
  • Inclusion Criteria for Netherbrook Birth Unit:
    • As Netherbrook Birth Unit is a ‘stand alone’ unit, women who wish to birth at the unit must be experiencing a normal pregnancy with no previous pregnancy complications or any adverse medical history.
    • A risk assessment will be completed at booking by your community midwife and again at 36 weeks of pregnancy
    • Midwives on Netherbrook Birth Unit invite you to make an informal visit to view the unit and discuss your options.
    • Please be aware that midwives on the unit do not perform forceps or ventouse births and if you require review by a doctor at any stage in your labour you will be transferred to Heartlands Hospital accompanied my a midwife from the birth unit in an ambulance.
  • NB Although ante natal care is provided at Solihull, please do not assume the birth of your baby will be here at the unit, unless your community midwife or a midwife on the birth unit has confirmed your suitability and clearly documented this in your pregnancy held records.Maternity Sol 1 _AWR0173


Some quotes from our comments books: 

Thank you for making the most amazing day of my life a fantastic experience.

All the midwives were wonderful during my birth.

Your kindness and thoughtfulness after the birth completed the most spectacular day of my life.

We will never forget you, thank you so much for the care you all showed.


1st new mom to deliver 7th August 2010 12:54 pm 8lb 8oz

25/12/10 Christmas Day!!!

I just have to say what a wonderful maternity ward this is. This is my 4th child and this is the best place I’ve ever given birth (I’ve not been here before)

The midwives have been fantastic, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart

We are so happy to have had our baby on Christmas Day (3 weeks early) and being a boy has made it even more special.

This maternity unit deserves a medal! It’s spotless, calm, inviting, relaxing – what more could you ask for.

All I can say is THANK YOU! and have a lovely Christmas!!


To all the staff on the Solihull Birth Unit (especially Zoe)

A big thank you for being so welcoming and patient and helping so much with the delivery.

A special thank you to Zoe who stayed with us for several hours until our daughter was born and helping with the delivery.

It has been a wonderful experience having a water birth here.

I am ever so grateful to Zoe, Carolynn, Pauline and Lorraine



We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at Solihull Birthing Unit.

We had an amazing birthing experience that has surpassed all our expectations.

This facility and it’s staff are 1st class.

We would highly recommend this service to any prospective family.

Thanks once again, and please continue with this great service




Thank you so much for all the wonderful care, support, kindness and time you took in taking care of me at such a vulnerable time.

You made me feel relaxed and safe all the way through and brought our beautiful daughter safely into the world. We couldn’t of asked for anything more.

Thank you Julie, Zoe, Jenny and Pat for all your help, care and patient. What a lovely team of midwives. You can tell you enjoy your job.

Thank you once again


Words just can’t describe how wonderful this experience has been.

The staff here are all amazing.

Baby James was born in the birthing pool and he loved having his Daddy here overnight with him. There was lots of support for Mummy & Daddy here.

Thank you so very much!

Love …………..

Born: 1st August 2013

7lb 8oz

10th May 2014

Thank you so much for everything!

We could not have asked for better care and attention!

We have had all three of our children at Solihull and I would recommend it to anyone who is fortunate enough to be able to come here!

It almost makes me sad not to be having any more!!

Thank you once again


Dear Zoe, Pauline and Denise,

We just wanted to say a big thank you for the way you looked after me at Ava’s birth in 21st February. We felt like we were in good hands which made the birth a positive experience, even the transfer to Heartlands after birth. We’ll look forward to seeing you at our 2nd….not yet!!

From ………………….






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