Published/updated: 27/07/12 15:04

Please click the links below to find out more about the Trust’s Single Equality Scheme and Interpreting Service Policy

Diversity Report at Jan 11

2010-2013 Single Equality Scheme

Learning Disabilities Policy 2011

Learning Disabilities Policy Guidance 2011

Interpreting and Translation Services Operational Policy 2011(This policy applies to all staff and all Trust services. It provides details of how the interpreting and translation services can be accessed, and includes best practice guidance for staff in working with an interpreter).

The documents below cover the years 2012 to 2016.

HEFT Equality Assurance 2012 – 16

HEFT Equality Strategy EDS Framework 1 2012-16

CQC Regulation 17 and Equality Delivery System Action Plan 5 -2012-16

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