What is Clinical Research ?

Published/updated: 16/08/13 13:55

Research is essential in providing information on the effectiveness of new treatments or new technologies. We are a research active Trust and committed to ensuring our patients receive the best care and have the opportunity to be involved in new treatments. 

All the clinical trials that occur within the trust have been reviewed and approved by our R&D department, to ensure that they comply with the UK legislation, the Trusts policies, that the staff are trained on the study and that it is in the best interests of our patients, and the relevant regulatory authorities. The trials are conducted in accordance with strict research guidelines and are monitored both internally and externally.

We have over 500 clinical trials currently being undertaken across all medical areas within the trust.

The types of clinical trials vary. They may include:

  • Completing questionnaires
  • Receiving new drugs
  • Receiving new treatment regimens
  • Testing new medical devices
  • Testing new ways of self-monitoring disease
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