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Heartlands Hospital – Delivery Suite

midwife Amanda Lowe

Our Delivery Suite is a friendly, multi-professional environment, situated on the ground floor of the Princess of Wales Maternity Building at Heartlands Hospital.

It is suited for women with complex pregnancies or for those who wish to have an epidural in labour. Upon arrival at delivery suite you will be greeted by one of our ward clerks, who will ask for your personalised hospital number to streamline your care. You will be welcomed into either one of our delivery suite rooms or our one of our assessment room beds depending on what prompted your visit.

Our facilities

• 11 Labour Rooms and all rooms are furnished with machines to monitor you baby’s heart rate. The majority of our monitors are wireless to aid you in your mobility while in labour. We also have multi positional birthing beds and neonatal resuscitation equipment
• Two High Dependency rooms and these rooms are attended by speciality trained midwives who will monitor your wellbeing during labour
• Although our rooms are designed for women with more complex needs, it is also possible for our rooms to be adapted to reflect a home from home setting to personalise your environment and make you feel at ease.
• A four bedded and two bedded induction bays, where women will be attended by two midwives who will monitor your progress and take into account your individualised care plans
• Two Obstetric Theatres which are staffed 25/7 by an experienced team of staff, including specialist consultant anaesthetists who can provide regional blocks or general anaesthetic, with neonatal monitoring equipment
• A two bedded recovery room delivering one to one care

Delivery Suite is also for women referred for assessment by your community midwife, a self-referral or those who require a doctor review following a scan or antenatal appointment.

Our staff

Our maternity teams are multidisciplinary and could include:
• Obstetric Consultants
• Obstetric Registrars (senior doctors)
• Obstetric Foundation Year 1&2 (Junior doctors)
• Anaesthetic Consultants
• Anaesthetic Registrars
• Midwifery Co-ordinators (Senior Midwives)
• Midwives
• Maternity Care Assistants
• Housekeepers
• Ward Clerks

While you are staying with us, you may experience multi-disciplinary ward rounds which could involve the following staff:
• Obstetric Consultants
• Obstetric Registrars (senior doctors)
• Obstetric Foundation Year 1&2 (Junior doctors)
• Anaesthetic Consultants
• Anaesthetic Registrars
• Midwifery Co-ordinators (Senior Midwives)

This will happen twice a day and it is to ensure that you are getting the best quality care and your pregnancy/labour is staying on track and you are both safe and well.

Safety on delivery suite is our number one priority. In a bid to expand our safety netting we utilise our Local Maternity System (LMS) which includes Heartlands Hospital, Good Hope Hospital and Birmingham Women’s Hospital, we have meetings every day to ensure all three hospitals are working within safe parameters.

Other information

Pain relief options include paracetamol, codeine, Entonox (gas and air), Pethidine or an epidural. Your midwife will discuss these options with you.

With current Covid-19 restrictions, the delivery suite can accommodate one birthing partner that can accompany you in throughout your labour and delivery. More information can be found here.

There is no visiting allowed on Delivery Suite.

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