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Published: December 14, 2012

Parking at our Hospitals

We now have open visiting at Heartlands, Good Hope and Solihull Hospital.

It is widely recognised that support from family and friends, in the form of hospital visits, is an integral part of any patient’s recovery and open visiting will allow more flexibility for relatives to visit their loved ones at a time that suits them.

Open visiting also forms part of the Trust’s aim to make its hospitals more dementia friendly by giving relatives and carers the chance to spend more time with their loved one and have an active role in their care while they are in hospital.

However, please understand that patients also need rest to help them get well as soon as possible and it is to the discretion of the ward sister, matron or head nurse as to how open visiting is implemented. We have developed a Visitors Charter which we would ask you to adhere to when visiting our hospital Wards.

This charter can be viewed below

Visitor Charter

You will need to use the security intercom at the entrance to some hospital areas to gain admission. Open visiting is in action from early morning up until 10pm at night. If you wish to visit your relative after 10pm please discuss and seek permission from the nurse in charge.

A number of Wards have protected mealtimes to allow patients to eat their meals without interruption. Visiting is not normally allowed at this time. If relatives/visitors would like to assist with feeding the patients then they are welcome to visit during protected meal times.  We would advise checking with the nurse in charge in advance to check how open visiting is being implemented on the particular ward you are visiting.

*Protected meal times may take longer on some wards due to the dependency of the patients and the time required to assist with feeding.

*Please note that visiting times remain unchanged in maternity wards at Heartlands and Good Hope. At Heartlands on Aspen Ward, Cedar Ward and Maple Ward these remain 2pm-4pm and 6pm-7pm (partners 8.30am–7pm – no under-18s unless patients’ children). At Good Hope maternity Ward 4 is open to visitors 3.30pm-4.30pm and 7pm-8pm (partners/own children 10am-8pm – no under 16s). Visiting is also restricted on Ward 21 at Heartlands. Visiting times are 11am – 8pm.

* Please note that Ward 23’s visiting hours at Heartlands Hospital are 11am-8pm with protected meal times.

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