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FOI 4180 Nurse Vacancies

Trust’s Funded Establishment for qualified nurses at the end of October 2015 and the number of Qualified Nurses actually contracted to work in the Trust at this time?


Band                Funded          In Post


Band 5            1788.58       1495.39

Band 6            914.52            836.61

Band 7            454.91            458.28

Band 8a         114.60            101.98

Band 8b         30.76               32.66

Band 8c          6.00                   4.00

Band 8d          0.00                   1.00

Band 9            0.00                   2.00


Grand Total    3309.37       2931.92

1. Is the current sterilisation unit for sterilisation of surgical instruments and implants used by the trust an in-house facility or do you currently pay a privately owned sterilisation unit to sterilise the trusts surgical equipment?


Decontamination services to the Trust are provided by an external  contractor. The decontamination facility used is owned by the Trust and leased to the contractor.


2. What is the cost to the trust for sterilisation per surgical tray?


The cost for the decontamination of a surgical tray depends on the contents of the tray and whether it is used within an operating theatre or in a ward or non-operating theatre department. Costs for the decontamination of surgical trays are detailed in response to request number 3 below


3. Is this cost dependent on number of instruments per tray and what is the costing per banding for each quantity of instruments per tray?


The cost for the decontamination of a tray is dependent on the number of items in the tray as detailed in the attached document.

FOI4172.doc response

Does your trust pay for private medical/health insurance for any members of staff?

If so, please tell me the total spent on it in the past financial year, and the number of staff benefiting.

The Trust does not offer private health care for staff.

The number of staff working on each site is as follows:


Heartlands – 6306 (this figure includes staff at Lyndon Place and the Chest clinic)

Solihull – 1767 (this figure includes community based staff)

Good Hope – 2344


The number of staff spaces available at each site is as follows:


Heartlands – 2338

Solihull – 959

Good Hope – 1130


The number of staff that possess a permit is as follows:


Heartlands – 4660

Solihull – 1795

Good Hope – 2206


Only Volunteers and Governors receive free parking.  All other staff groups have to pay either £25 per month for a full time member of staff or £12.50 for a part time member of staff, i.e. staff who work less than 25 hours per week.


All our parking is on a ‘first come first serve’ basis and we do not reserve spaces for staff.

FOI 4166 data  Please see attached

MRI and CT scanners you have at your Trust?


Equipment type (CT or MRI):






Located in which hospital within Trust: 


Acquisition year:


How it was financed (owned by Trust or leased via MES): 


If MES which provider do you use:


What year will the equipment be replaced:


Is maintenance done in-house or by 3rd party provider:


If 3rd party provider which provider do you use:


What is the annual maintenance cost:


What are the operational hours of the equipment:


FOI4159 Please see attached.

The use of immunotherapy products within the Allergy setting used within your Trust.

Total number of items purchased by product for immunotherapy in an allergy indication. E.g. GRAZAX 75,000 SQ-T oral lyophilisate.

List of products used and the number of items for the last 12 months within your Trust.




1) Recruited or advertised for a board member in the past 6 months? [this includes permanent, interim or acting]



2) If so, what position did you recruit for?

(1) Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”)

(2) Non-Executive Director (“NED”)


3) If so, what salary did you either agree with this person or put on the advert? Please provide the figure

(1) CEO – no salary specified or agreed

(2) NED – £14,123 agreed with candidate


4) Have any candidates turned down a board level position in the last 6 months because the salary offered was too low?


i) The number of litigation claims HEFT has been notified of, in respect of negligent treatment

ii) The number of negligence claims where the trust has admitted liability

iii) The number of claims resulting in a financial settlement or out of court award of damages

Please contact the NHSLA via as they provide our indemnity for legal claims and the payments are made from the CNST scheme for Trusts.


Trust agency usage for the last tax year for:

– Amount of spend on agency Community Psychiatric Nurses


– A​mount of spend on agency Ward-based Mental Health Nurses


​- Amount of spend on District and Community Nurses RGNs


– Amount of spend on General and Acute Ward Based Nurses


All figures are for 2014/15

1) Charges for ultrasound baby scan pictures for the years 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 until now (how much the Trust charges expectant mums/dads)?

2011-2013 £3.50

2013 to date £5.00


2) How much profit has been made from the ultrasound charges for each year from 2011 to now?








3) An explanation for why the charges increased (if they did so)?

The charges changed in line with other Trusts.


4) If you charge different sums for different hospitals please provide answers to the above points for each hospital.

The charges are the same for all hospitals within the Trust.

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