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The directorate’s vision statement is:

To provide a high quality, responsive cardiology service that meets the needs of our diverse local population and is at the forefront of delivering optimal cardiac services.

The Cardiology Directorate of Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust provides cardiology services for the north and east of Birmingham, Solihull, and parts of Warwickshire and South Staffordshire. The Cardiology directorate works across three sites, namely Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, Solihull Hospital and Good Hope Hospital and delivers the following services:

  • Ward 6 at BHH: 31 beds, including 6 bedded high dependency bay and 5 bedded CCU plus 1 Assessment Room to accommodate direct admission to CCU for ‘barn door’ MI patients for primary angioplasty;
  • Ward 17 at SH: 21 beds, including 4 bedded Coronary Care Unit, telemetry monitoring for 8 patients and a 6 bedded Chest Pain Assessment Unit;
  • Ward 23 at GHH : 28 beds, including 6 CCU beds;
  • Chest Pain Assessment Units on Ward 20 at BHH and Ward 18 at GHH are supported by consultant cardiologists;
  • 3 Cardiac Catheter Suites (2 cath labs at BHH, 1 at GHH and 1 at Sol) which deal with all the emergency and elective admissions for diagnostic and interventional cardiology
  • Coronary Angiography
  • Reveal Implantation
  • Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI)
  • Permanent and temporary cardiac pacing
  • Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy (CRT) Service
  • Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) Service
  • Non-invasive diagnostic services including ECG, ETT and Echocardiography
  • Heart failure Service
  • Rehabilitation Service
  • Nurse led Cardioversion Service
  • Nurse Led Pre-assessment clinic for angioplasty, angiography and cardioversion services
  • Cardiac Triage/Chest Pain Service on all 3 sites

Work Force

The consultant team consists of:

  • Dr M Pitt, Clinical Director and Consultant – BHH
  • Dr B Freestone, Consultant, Clinical Lead – BHH
  • Dr J M Beattie, Consultant – BHH
  • Dr J Ment, Consultant – BHH
  • Dr K Lee, Consultant – BHH
  • Dr G Bhatia, Consultant – BHH
  • Dr R Watkin, Consultant, Clinical Lead – GHH
  • Dr J R Panting, Consultant – GHH
  • Dr S Nadar, Consultant – GHH
  • Dr H Simpson, Consultant – GHH
  • Dr S Yusuf, Consultant – GHH
  • Dr R Sathyamoorthy, Consultant – SH
  • Dr J V Naiker, Consultant – SH
  • Dr K Mahmood, Consultant – SH
  • Dr B Skaria, Consultant – SH

The management team consists of:

  • Dr M Pitt – Clinical Director
  • Sharon Parkinson – Directorate Manager
  • Dr Bethan Freestone – Clinical Lead at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital
  • Dr Ramamurthy Sathyamoorthy – Clinical Lead at Solihull Hospital
  • Dr Richard Watkin – Clinical Lead at Good Hope Hospital
  • Mr S Ramzan – Senior Chief Technician, Heartlands Hospital
  • Mrs S Baxter – Snr Technician and Manager, Good Hope Hospital
  • Mr M Wilson – Superintendent Radiographer
Please contact the team via the general Trust switchboard number 0121 424 2000

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