Colorectal Cancer Team

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The aim of the colorectal multidisciplinary team is to provide a high quality multi professional approach offering individualised care to all patients with a colorectal cancer.

Following a diagnosis of a colorectal cancer, patients and their carers will receive support and treatment from the colorectal team.

The team is made up of a multi-disciplinary group of professional and clinical personnel whose aim is to care for patients with a colorectal cancer.

It is essential that communication is effective therefore the colorectal multidisciplinary team (MDT) hold two weekly meetings, one at Heartlands on a Monday and one at Good hope on a Friday. In this meeting we discuss all colorectal cancer patients and review the histology/x-rays/scans and other investigations patients may have had. This allows the team to decide the most appropriate treatment for individuals based on best evidence and best outcomes.

Following the MDT meeting each patient will receive an appointment to see their consultant and/or key worker(clinical nurse specialist) to discuss and plan the treatment decided by the team.

Within the Colorectal Team we have nine clinical nurse specialists. Their role is to act as a key worker and care for patients with colorectal cancer. The Nurses will provide you with ongoing support through your cancer treatment and can provide you and your carers with advice and information about investigations, procedures, treatments, support organisations and any other services you may benefit from.

Meet the Colorectal Nursing Team

The Role of the MDT Coordinators

The MDT Coordinators co-ordinate the multidisciplinary team meetings and organise investigations and treatment for patients with colorectal cancer ensuring the team is working to Department of Health standards and to government targets for patients with cancer.

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Colorectal Cancer annual report 2012

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Colorectal Cancer work programme 2011 2012 august

Colorectal Cancer – Service Profile


Mr C Hendrickse – Clinical Director
Mr S Dale – General Manager


You can contact your consultant’s secretary via switch board on 0121 42 42000 or by calling the direct line below:
Mr C Hendrickse (Lead Clinician) 0121 42 41427
Mr C Abraham Igwe  – 0121 42 43230
Mr G Barsoum  – 0121 42 44558
Mr D Bowley  – 0121 42 421427
Mr D Browse   – 0121 42 47008
Mr M Chapman  – 0121 42 47010
Mr M Dilworth- 0121 42 44148                                                                                                                              Mr S Fallis 0121 42 49387
Mr S Karandikar  – 0121 42 42435
Mr S Korsgen  – 0121 42 49590
Mr D McArthur – 0121 42 42435
Mr S Raman  – 0121 42 42980                                                                                                                              Mr T Raju 0121 42 49590                                                                                                                                      Mr U Shariff o121 42 49387                                                                                                                                  Miss V Swales 0121 42 45558
Mr H Youssef 0121 42 49387

Mr M Awad (Associate Specialist) 0121 42 47937
Mr A Hawash (Associate Specialist) 0121 42 42980

MDT Coordinators

Michelle Griffin-Hill

Lead Clinician

Mr M Chapman

Consultant Gastroenterologists

Dr M Mottershead (Clinical Lead)
Dr M Ahmed
Dr M Andrew
Dr A Daley
Dr A Monga
Dr T Ngatchu
Dr R Polson
Dr S Singh
Dr N Sharma/Dr A King
Dr P Wilson

Consultant Oncologists
Dr I Geh
Dr J Good
Dr S Baijal

Consultant Histopathologists
Dr R Singh
Dr G Langman

Consultant Radiologists
Dr A Pallan
Dr C Nelson

Consultant In Palliative Care
Dr M Arolker

Useful Links

Appointments: 0121 42 41234

Waiting List Office: 0121 42 42431

For benign conditions of the bowel:

For bowel cancer:

For any information on Cytoreductive/peritoneal surgery and HIPEC:

Macmillan Cancer Support

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