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FOI 0160 2019/20 Catering Contracts

Freedom of Information Request: 0160 2019/20

Please can you tell me which companies the trust holds catering service contracts with, how much each contract is worth, what the company is supplying to the trust e.g. type of food/drink and how many units it is providing.

The total annual expenditure for Patient feeding is £1,984,927 and Retail / Hospitality is £926,806.

The companies we have contracts with are as follows:

Anglia Crown

Adelie Sandwiches



Punjab Kitchen


Wells Farm


Pelican Rouge


John Shepherds

Chapple and Jenkins

The Trust does hold the information on the units that the suppliers are providing and the value of each contract.

Orders are processed for each contract as required. Deliveries are checked upon receipt and marked against the original order form. This is a manual process and it is therefore not possible for us to provide a breakdown of the type of food/beverages each company provides, the number of units for each and the overall contract price for each.

Therefore in order to provide this information, we would have to manually review each order and good receipt form. Given the total number of suppliers and different types of food/beverages this would take us in excess of 18 hours of work. We estimate this would take in excess of 4 – 5 hours per supplier for the number of lines we cover.  We are therefore withholding this information under section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act.

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