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FOI 0195 2019/20 Contact Info for Staff

Freedom of Information Request: 0195 2019/20


  1. (a) Who is the head of procurement at your trust responsible for approving Nursing agency usage?                 (b)Secondly, who is the temporary / flexible staffing lead responsible for the management of this service?


Details can be found at the link below


1(a) & 2 http://uhbhome/contact-procurement.htm


Simon Clarke

BHA Managing Director



1(b) & 2 – Vicky Race

Head of Temporary Staffing – UHB+




  1. Please can you provide the contact information in relation to both question 1 (a) and (b) Please see above answer


  1. Please can you outline your Off-Framework agency spend for each of the following staff groups between April 2019 – June 2019: (a) RGN’s (b) RCN’s (c) RN’s and (d) HealthCare Assistants (e) RMN (f) Specialist RN (ITU)


There was no spend on off-framework for the listed areas during the requested period.


  1. Following the same breakdown of staff groups in Question 3, how many Off-framework shifts have been unfilled between April 2019 – June 2019? Zero


  1. Since the start of January 2019 – present, please provide the current charge rates from your Off Framework, Nursing providers, providing a clear breakdown between the workers’ pay rate and agency commission We do not have any Off-Framework Providers


  1. Based on the above information, which are your current Nursing Off-Framework agencies and how many shifts have been booked for each month from January 2019 – June 2019 Not Applicable




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