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FOI 0196 2019/20: Simulation Labs

Freedom of Information Request: 0196 2019/20

  1. Do you have a simulation lab? Yes
  2. If so, when was your simulation lab opened? 2010 as part of the opening of the new hospital and clinical skills suite, but was not functioning as a simulation lab fully until approx. 2013 – 2014, and was used for skills training as a ward setting
  3. What was the total renovation cost for the laboratory space? Not Applicable -This was a new build as part of the new PFI funded hospital so it was not a refurbishment cost but was part of capital PFI funding.
  4. From which funding stream, was the lab financed with? Capital PFI funding as above


5. What is the annual budget for simulation training spend from 2015-2019 respectively?

  • 2015/16 – £42700
  • 2016/17 – £44,000
  • 2017/18 –Pay – £58,500 / Non-pay £ 11,327 / income – £30,340
  • 2018 /19 – Pay – £54,400 / non-pay £ 12,076 / Income – £13,300 to date

6. Please provide an overview of how this budget has been spent using appropriate categories for spending (e.g. equipment, staffing, facilities, etc.) with corresponding amounts. 


  • Equipment / Consumables – £7,862
  • Staff expenses – £10.00
  • Staff Training – £3,500

2018 /19

  • Equipment / Consumables – £10,888
  • Staff expenses – £1,188
  • Staff Training – £ approx. 3,000 ( but not reconciled as yet)

7. Please provide details of any successful HEE (or otherwise) bids that have gone towards supporting simulation training between 2015-2019 (Amount received + what it was used for) There have been a number of successful bids for one off capital funding for the centre, these have included:

  • Charities bid for New 3G Laerdal SimMan mannequin: £70,000
  • Charities bid for expansion of new larger venue for simulation training: £300,000
  • Bid for external 4 year contracted tender for high level simulation training £520,000 approx.

8. How much was spent on high fidelity mannequins annually between 2015-2019? £70,000  for the procurement of the main Laerdal 3G simman  mannequin

9. What mannequins does your simulation lab have (inc. manufacturer, model), and how many of each? 2 x Laerdal 3 G Simman ( 1 x original tethered & 1 x current model) plus 2 x CAE ( Meti man & Meti Junior ) 2 x Gaumard (Noelle Birthing mother and Sim baby)

10. When were these mannequins purchased and from where 2 x CAE and 2 x Gaumard mannequins were purchased pre 2010 and were transferred to the current simulation centre as part of streamlining of services and merging of 2 trusts from the original simulation centre of the 2nd trust which subsequently closed pre 2015. The 2 x laerdal mannequins were procured specifically for the current simulation suite – 1 pre 2010 and the other from the successful charities bid.

11. How much did they cost? Total cost of the last 3 G Laerdal mannequin was £63,000 all inclusive

12. What was the warranty period included with the original purchase? 1 year warranty provided on the laerdal mannequins, no information regarding the other mannequins as not originally owned by the first organisation.

13. When do the warranties expire?  These have now expired, however continuing maintenance is funded from recurrent business planning or income generation, with wear and tear and depreciation built into all new contracts

14. How much does the warranty cost to renew? Last estimated extended warranty charge for the laerdal 3G mannequins was approx £6,000 , however, it is more cost effective to maintain them annually, which is what we do.

15. When are the mannequins likely to be replaced? With the ongoing annual maintenance these are all in good working order so are not likely to be replaced for at least the next 2 years.

16. How many times have the mannequins had to be repaired? 1 x current 3G simman Laerdal mannequin has been repaired once, since purchase.  Both the CAE & Gaumard mannequins have had a recent full maintenance overhaul, rather than a repair, but have required 2 new parts.

17. What is the total cost of these repairs? £2,300 for all work done on all mannequins


18. Simulation laboratory staff:

19. How many staff work full-time in your simulation department? Three x 1.0wte technicians – band 3 & 4

20. How many staff works part-time in your simulation department?

  • 1 x 0.93wte – band 6
  • 4 x 0.2wte trainers – band 6

21. Please list their job titles

  • Educator – Simulation x 1
  • Educator – Clinical Skills & simulation x 4
  • Administrator – Clinical Skills & Simulation x 2
  • Technician – Clinical Skills & Simulation x 5

22. What is the total cost of their salaries? The total portion of the staff salaries which are committed to solely simulation as they have shared roles across skills is £95,136.31

Simulation Session Delivery

23. How many simulation sessions did you run in 2017 & 2018? 2017 – 49.5 2018 – 68.5

24. How many hours of simulation training does this equate to? Total hours for both years: 902.5hrs








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