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FOI 0429 2019/20 Telephony and Communications

Freedom of Information Request: 0429 2019/20

I would like to request the following information with regards to the organisation’s telephone system maintenance contract (VOIP or PBX, other) for hardware and software maintenance and support.

1.Which manufacturer (PBX or VOIP) are you using as your core telephone system? e.g. Avaya, BT, Cisco, Mitel, Skype for Business?

QE: Cisco

HGS: Realtis DX moving to Cisco by Jan 2020

2.Approximately how many extensions does the system support across your organisation? 


HGS: Approximately 500

QEHB: Approximately 7000

3.Who is the incumbent/support partner for the maintenance of your VOIP/PBX?

HGS: Maintel UK

QEHB: Kcom

4.How many of those extensions are contact centre/customer service agents?

Not Valid Under Freedom of Information


5.When does your PBX/VOIP support contract expire?

QEHB: January 2020


HGS: HGS has a rolling 3 month contract while migration to the new system takes place which is due to conclude at the end of December 2019



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