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FOI 0503 2019/20 FFP3 Respiratory Protective Equipment

Freedom of Information Request: 0503 2019/20

I am writing to you under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to request the following information from the department responsible for the issuing and fit testing of FFP3 respiratory protective equipment used within your organisation to control risks arising from the exposure of staff to respiratory infectious diseases:

  1. Does your organisation currently utilise any reusable FFP3 respiratory protective equipment in clinical areas for interactions with patients with respiratory infectious diseases? If so, what models are used?    Yes, 3M powered Hoods are used
  2. If your organisation utilises reusable FFP3 respiratory protective equipment in clinical areas, are disposable FFP3 masks also used? If so, under what circumstances would a reusable FFP3 mask be used in place of a disposable FFP3 mask? Yes, disposable FFP3 masks are used, however, if a member of staff has failed fit testing with the disposable masks, or has facial hair, in which case the disposable masks are not effective, reusable powered hoods are available.
  3. If your organisation uses reusable FFP3 masks in clinical areas, what systems of practice are in place regarding storage and decontamination to ensure that these are maintained to a clinically acceptable standard? The maintenance and monthly checks of the powered hoods is monitored by Infection Prevention & Control.

This information covers all sites within the trust. 




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