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FOI 0532 2019/20: British Citizens who have spent time living outside the UK

Freedom of Information Request: 0532 2019/20

What is the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham and University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust’s policy on the treatment of British Citizens who have spent a long period living outside the UK.

Please note that I am referring to those:

  1. Who were born and raised in the UK
  2. Who were born outside the UK, but have British Citizenship (British Passports).
  3. Those who came to the UK as children, on their parent’s passport, who were assumed to have British Citizenship, but who do not have a passport (i.e., those caught up in the Windrush scandal).

University Hospitals Birmingham complies with the national policy on NHS charges which has been adopted as our local policy. We follow the UK’s NHS healthcare system which is a residence-based one, which means entitlements to our services are based on living lawfully in the UK on a properly settled basis for the time being.

The measure of residence that the UK uses to determine entitlement to free NHS healthcare is known as ‘ordinary residence’. Please visit the following website for policy guidance on Ordinary Residence:

Individuals who are not ordinarily resident in the UK may be required to pay for their care when they are in England.  You can find more information regarding NHS entitlements by visiting the following website:

The relevant documents and information linked to NHS charges are publically available at the following website:

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