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FOI 0572 2019/20 Condom Complaints

Freedom of Information Request: 0572 2019/20

For each of the last five calendar years, please can you tell me: 

  • How many condoms have been received by the Trust for its various bodies to distribute? 


Financial Year Condoms (packs) Condoms (Individual)
15-16 11,275 1,406,520
16-17 13,296 1,789,288
17-18 14,819 2,092,986
18-19 13,331 1,891,651
April 19 – December 19 6,659 987,906

How many complaints have the Trust and its various bodies received regarding condoms handed out by the trust and its various bodies?  0

Please may you outline the nature of each of these complaints?  N/A



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