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FOI 0801 2020/21 Health Records & Electronic Document Management Systems

Freedom of Information Request: 0801 2020/21

I would like to find out some information regarding your Health Records.

  • How many on-site libraries does the trust have? – 4
  • What volume of notes are held on-site? Clarification from requestor: paper based records only please – 785,000
  • Does the Trust have any external storage contracts? If so, how many and who are the providers? – Iron Mountain
  • What volume of notes are held off site by Third parties? Clarification from requestor: Paper based as well please, would like most recent information for both in use and in archive, if available. – 1.4 million in total
  • If applicable, which Electronic Document Management systems does the Trust have? – for tracking, HISS and Oceano
  • What are the start and end dates for any storage and / or software contracts? Storage Contract – 2019 – 2027, HISS – Not Applicable, this system is being phased out to be replaced with Oceano. Oceano – 2017 – 2022
  • How many staff work in the health records department? – 123
  • How many staff work in clinical prep? Clarification from requestor: A member of staff whose sole responsibility is to prepare a patients records prior to an appointment. – Clinical prep is incorporated into the Reception function, it is not managed by individual teams
  • How much does the Trust spend annually on pre-printed forms? We do not hold this information – costs are not recorded to this detail and we cannot identify spend on pre-printed forms.


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