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FOI 0851 2020/21 Waiting List Initiative & Overtime Staff Payments

Freedom of Information Request: 0851 2020/21

I am writing to request information on your organisations’ overtime1 and Waiting List Initiative2 (WLI) Payments to staff. Please could you provide the following information broken down by staffing group, for the 19/20 financial year (April 2019 – March 2020)

1Overtime payments are defined as any payment for additional time beyond the standard FTE for the grade.

2 WLI payments refers to any sessional payments made for additional time worked under a system called the Waiting List Initiative (used by trusts to reduce waiting lists and meet government targets)

  Total Medical Nursing Other
1.    Total amount paid in WLI payments to staff in 19/20 £2,593,000 £2,593,000*    
2.    Total number of WLI sessions in 19/20 Due to a combination of paper forms and electronic it is difficult to calculate number of sessions. 6,483 would be an estimate based on an average consultant sessional rate worked (but the figure above is all grades)
3.    Total amount paid in overtime to staff in 19/20 £2,252,470 £0 £173,495 £2,078,525
4.    Total number of overtime hours in 19/20 140,791 0 7,882 132,909

*The WLI payments above are all those that have been coded in the ledger as WLIs and as such may exclude any ‘WLIs’ that have been flagged as additional sessions (additional sessions maybe used to cover vacancies/sickness etc.) so for these true WLIs potentially incorrectly coded will have been excluded

  • Please provide the minimum and maximum sessional rate for WLI payments during 19/20 for medical staff

£200 (4 hour session) & £600 (4 hour session)

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