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FOI 0884 2020/21 Delirium Assessments

Freedom of Information Request: 0884 2020/21

Delirium assessment in routine clinical practice: Freedom of Information Act 2000 request

This request is intended to collect information on delirium assessment processes in clinical care, not including ICU settings.

Please only include information updated before 31 July 2020.

Hospital / Trust / Health Board (hospital/organisation to which the information below applies): University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

  • Do you have use a delirium assessment tool as part of clinical practice for your non-ICU patients in your trust/hospital?



  • If yes, in which clinical settings are they in place (please use X to indicate all that apply)?


_XAcute general medicine/Medicine of the Elderly (in medical clerking document)

_X__ Emergency Department (in medical clerking document)

_____ Surgical wards – delirium is discussed as part of the pre-operative assessment for high risk patients

_X__ Other (please specify): Trauma and Orthopaedics – National Hip Fracture database

  • Which, if any, validated tools are included in your written (paper or electronic) policies? Please use X to indicate all that apply.


_X__ 4 ‘A’s Test (4AT)

_____ Confusion Assessment Method

_X__ Single Question in Delirium

_____ Other (please specify):

  • Do you have a pathway or guidelines relating to delirium?  YES


 If yes, in which year were they written?:


Please attach an electronic copy.

We have attached our guideline – please note this is currently being reviewed to align with Chemical Restraint guidelines to minimise use of restraint. DementiaOrDeliriumPatientsGuidelines

  • (Voluntary: not a formal part of the FOI request) If so, please attach an electronic copy of reports or posters.Have staff or students performed any audits or quality improvement projects on delirium detection?


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