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FOI 0891 2020/21 Order Sets and Care Plans

Freedom of Information Request: 0891 2020/21

Please can you supply me with more information regarding Order Sets, Care Plans and your EPR/EHR:-

  • Does the Trust have paper or electronic Order Sets? Please note, this is different to Order Comms

The Trust has electronic order sets built within our in-house EPR

  • Does the Trust have paper or electronic Care Plans?

Mixture of paper and electronic

  • If the answer is yes to 1&2 please can you provide the name of the supplier?

In-house developed system – PICS.

  • If a supplier is named in Q3 please state the length and expiry date of contract.
  • If a supplier is named in Q3 please confirm the route to procurement.

Not applicable, in-house development

  • Is the Trust looking to procure electronic Order Sets or Care Plans in the next 2 years?


  • Has the Trust used Order Sets &/or Care plans for the treatment of COVID-19?


  • Please provide the name, job title and email address of the person responsible for Order Sets & Care Plans at the Trust.

Deborah McKee – Head of EPR and Digital Programme

  • Please confirm what EHR/EPR system the Trust uses? In-house developed system

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham:

In-house developed EPR consisting of Clinical Portal and PICS (Prescribing Information Communication System) for e-prescribing, medicines administration, and clinical decision support.

Heartlands, Good Hope and Solihull Hospitals:

EPR is managed in-house – Icare, Concerto

  • Has the Trust started to look at obtaining a recognised certification for example:- Joint Commission, HIMSS EMRAM, …and if so which certification?

The Trust has HIMSS EMRAM certification at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham site.

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