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FOI 3575 Salmonella Outbreak

  • Do you have information that the outbreak at Heartlands Hospital was caused by eggs from Southern Germany?

The strain of Salmonella found at our hospital is indistinguishable from the strain which caused the outbreak in Germany.


  • How many people got infected at Heartlands Hospital during the outbreak last summer?

7 staff and 21 patients.  We also identified 3 carriers.


  • What are the costs caused by the salmonella outbreak for the Hospital?

We have not calculated this and it would be very difficult to do so.  For example there is no way to estimate how much Salmonella exacerbated the existing conditions of the patients who contracted it whilst in hospital.


  • Do you take legal action against companies from Germany?

In this particular case we are not seeking any legal redress.  We would be unable to categorically state that we do not take legal action against companies from a specific country.


  • The Birmingham City Council told me that one of their officers was working with Heartlands Hospital to help control the outbreak. His contributions would have been noted in reports/minutes produced and held by the hospital. Is it possible to provide me with these reports or any other background information on the salmonella outbreak? or any other background information on the salmonella outbreak?

An investigation into the outbreak is still ongoing and a report will be published in the future.

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