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FOI 3839 Decisions on the formulary position of lipid/cholesterol lowering drugs

Which person or which group of people are responsible for making decisions on the formulary position of lipid/cholesterol lowering drugs?

Initial review of any new drugs applications is undertaken by the Trust Medicines Assessment and Advisory Group. Should this group support the application, then for any drugs which would impact on primary care prescribing this application will need to go the Birmingham and Surrounds Area Prescribing Committee for approval.

When was the prescribing formulary for your organisation last reviewed?

It is under review following the implementation of an Area Prescribing Committee. Each BNF chapter is being reviewed by the committee to agree the place of the drug in the formulary.

How often is the formulary reviewed?

The formulary is reviewed following agreement to use a new drug. At this time, drugs already available on the formulary are reviewed and it’s position is agreed. Where appropriate, recommendations to remove other products if necessary may be made.

Approximately how long after NICE approval are new medicines added to the formulary document?

All medicines are added to the formulary from day 1 of the guidance being issued. However, it is accepted that for some medicines, some supporting infrastructure or documentation may be required before prescribing can start e.g. ESCA (shared care arrangement). The position of the NICE drug on the formulary is agreed at the APC.

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