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Good Hope Hospital Colposcopy Service

If you have been referred for a Colposcopy appointment, this is usually because of an abnormal smear result, but can be due to bleeding or an unsatisfactory smear sample. Many woman have abnormal smears and this does not mean you have cancer, but that small changes have been found on the neck of the womb (cervix) and these need further investigation.

What happens at a Clinic?

The examination will only last about 15 to 20 minutes and is similar to a smear test. The colposcopist will look at the cervix through a microscope (which remains outside the vagina). This allows them to see any abnormal areas and make a probable diagnosis.

Treatment may be offered at the initial visit or a small piece of tissue (a biopsy) taken if necessary. This is usually painless but some women feel slight discomfort.

A letter with the results of any smear or biopsy taken during the Colposcopy will be sent in approximately 3-4 weeks after the examination, if appropriate.

Area E of the Treatment Centre, Good Hope Hospital

Telephone: 0121 424 7345 


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