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Good Hope Pelvic Mass Clinic

If you have been referred for an appointment in the pelvic mass clinic it is usually because your GP is concerned about a possible swelling in your pelvis which requires further investigation.

What will happen at the Clinic?

The appointment is for an ultrasound scan test and a consultation. The scan will be performed when you first arrive in the clinic. You will  be asked some questions about your general health, along with a detailed history of your symptoms in order to obtain a clearer understanding of the nature of your problem. The results of your scan will then be discussed with you. If it is necessary further tests may also be arranged, along with further appointments.

Ultrasound Scan Test Instructions

  • On the day you attend clinic you will need to drink at least one and a half pints of fluid one hour before your appointment time. A full bladder is essential to enable the scan personnel (ultrasonographer) to obtain good images of your pelvic organs.
  • Please do not empty your bladder before the scan.
  • It maybe necessary for the ultrasonographer to also perform a vaginal scan as well as the abdominal scan, this procedure should not be painful and simply involves putting a small plastic probe into the vagina. You will be asked to empty your bladder prior to the vaginal scan being performed.

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