Trust supports Speak Out Safely

Published/updated: 05/04/13 15:50

This Trust fully supports the principles of the Nursing Times call for Speak out Safely. This means we encourage any staff member who has a genuine patient safety concern to raise this within our organisation at the earliest opportunity.

We believe our staff are often best placed to identify where care may be falling below the standard our patients deserve. In order to ensure our Trust’s high standards continue to be met, we want every member of our staff to feel able to raise concerns with their line manager, or another member of the management team. We promise that where staff identify a genuine patient safety concern, we will support them, fully investigate and, if appropriate, act on their concern. We will also give them feedback about how we have responded to the issue they have raised, as soon as possible.

Whether you are a permanent employee, an agency or temporary staff member, or a volunteer, please always speak up when you feel something is wrong.

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