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Trauma & Orthopaedics

About trauma and orthopaedics

We take pride in our excellent services, skilled and dedicated staff and much more.  We aim to be a first-choice hospital for orthopaedic treatment, trauma management, rehabilitation and disability services.

Each year we perform large numbers of joint replacement operations. In fact we are now the 3rd largest provider of joint replacements in the country. We also treat a large number of trauma patients. We rank as number 1 in the country with regard to the volume of operations carried out for fractured hips.

Our department is spread across three sites. Heartlands is a designated trauma unit with on-site trauma surgeons 24/7. Good Hope hospital offers planned and emergency orthopaedic services. Solihull hospital offers only planned elective orthopaedic services. These centres provide care for patients with bone, joint, muscle, and associated musculo-skeletal injuries, from diagnosis through to surgery and treatment including rehabilitation.

The services offered include:

• Orthopaedic surgery for minor procedures
• Complex knee and hip surgery
• Treatment of shoulder pain and instability
• Elbow, wrist and hand surgery
• Joint replacement
• Treatment for Arthritis
• Injuries from accidents or sports
• Foot and Ankle Services

Better access to our services

Our waiting times have come down significantly and you can expect to wait no more than a few months before the start of your orthopaedic treatment.  Some earlier stages of your treatment such as MRI scans are offered within six weeks of being referred by your GP. In some cases treatment will be even faster, with services such as that of the acute knee injury service able to quickly diagnose and manage a variety of knee problems within days to a few weeks.


We are a large hospital department employing specialist staff with high skill levels.  We have surgeons who sub-specialise in specific areas of care to give you an improved level of service and expertise.

The surgeons and allied professionals

The department has eighteen consultant orthopaedic surgeons, two locums and six associate specialists as well as two visiting consultants. There are also staff grades, registrars from the Warwick specialist registrar training scheme and several senior house officers who support the consultants.

There is also a dedicated multidisciplinary team of occupational therapists, nursing staff, biomechanical experts, physiotherapists and orthotists that help manage a wide variety of joint disorders both surgically and non-surgically.

Hip and knee surgery

Replacement: Total hip replacement is one of the most predictable and reliable medical procedures available. Total hip replacement and knee replacement have transformed the lives of many patients – giving them the opportunity to be active once again and experience less pain.

Knee and hip replacements are operations designed to replace a joint that has been damaged, usually by arthritis.

The ideal hip or knee replacement achieves four goals: relief of pain; restoration of mobility and function; correction of deformity and leg length inequality and good long term survival

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Arthroscopy: Keyhole operations allow the treatment of knee problems such as sports injuries, cartilage injuries and ligament injuries (e.g. anterior cruciate ligament injuries). Our specialists aim to treat such problems as soon as possible and return the patient to as full activities as possible.

Shoulder, elbow and hand surgery

Problems affecting the shoulder and elbow are widespread and can cause pain and a loss of ability to perform daily tasks, work and sporting activities.

We have a specialist team of staff who are dedicated to the diagnosis, investigation and treatment of all shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand problems.

Foot and ankle services

Patients have access to the centre for local and tertiary referrals for second opinions and complex treatment covering a range of foot and ankle services.

Making appointments

Referrals are received by a letter from your GP to our orthopaedic consultants. Electronic referrals from your GP can be made through the Choose and Book System. Fracture clinic appointments can be made by referral from A&E or through a faxed letter from your GP.

Your privacy and dignity

We are committed to ensuring your privacy and dignity and during your stay with us you will be cared for in a same sex bay or a single room. However for a short period following your operation, you will be nursed in the Recovery Unit where you need to be in a large open area for clinical observation before being transferred to your ward.

This means you may be in a bed near to someone of the opposite sex during this short period. If this concerns you please discuss the issue with the pre-operative assessment nursing staff and we will look at how we can address your concerns.


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