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Improving patient information and the patient environment

This is a patient-driven workstream in which we have been working closely with patients and their carers/families to gain feedback from their perspectives on the hospital’s environment and their thoughts on the information we provided them with.

Having met with the Breast Cancer Support Group and spoken with all of the women who have been engaging with us since the Kennedy Review was launched, we have been provided with a clearer picture of the service from a patient’s perspective and as a result, have completed an action list of what needs to be done.

The action list includes:

  • Improving the available space in the Solihull Outpatients Department (OPD), particularly the seating area
  • Giving women who visit the Breast Clinic the choice to leave via a different exit if they wish, to improve a patient’s sense of privacy and dignity
  • Providing clarity on where patients can go for refreshments whilst waiting at the clinic. The clinic does already provide a free of charge tea and coffee service for patients who experience a delay with their appointment (mainly on busy Thursday afternoons), but increasing signage in the area will help inform patients of where to go to get refreshments whilst waiting
  • Placing some large digital screens into the OPD to improve the accessibility and type of information we can provide patients with during their visit
  • Assessing the poster boards and patient information leaflets in the clinic waiting areas in order to be more sensitive to the needs of all of our patients. An example of this is the clinic having had information around where to gain support and help with head scarves and turbans in a public area. This has since been removed from the main waiting area as not all patients waiting may have been given a cancer diagnosis.

All of the feedback gained and the key actions in the list are now being fully assessed in order to scope out what is achievable alongside timescales and cost.  We have design teams looking at the space in the outpatients department and exploring what options for layout changes are available to us.

A feedback exercise with patients is also due to be launched this spring to back up the findings we have from the Breast Cancer Support Group and other women and families we have been engaging with; and to ensure we have gained a fully robust response on all of the improvements we can make to the service.

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