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Communications: Information Technology

FOI 5076 ICT

Published: March 17, 2017

1. What is your annual IT Infrastructure Budget for 2016, 2017 & 2018? 2017/18 We do not hold this information as it is yet to be finalised 2016/17 £343,462 2015/16 £581,628   2. What storage vendor(s) and model do you currently use? Netapp: FAS6210 / FAS2240   3. When was the installation date of above […]

FOI 5006 ICT

Published: March 17, 2017

Can you update the attached spreadsheet where we ask about general IT infrastructure and cyber security information please? FOI5006

FOI 5064 ICT Strategy

Published: March 16, 2017

I would like to submit a freedom of information request for the following document relating to the following: ICT Documents ICT Strategy- I require the document that hold future plan and strategy of the organisation’s ICT department. We do not have a documented ICT strategy.  Under the leadership of the Medical Director a new governance […]

FOI 5086 ICT

Published: March 14, 2017

Please send me information with regard to the following: Number of employees: 10576 (headcount) URL Filtering vendor: Sophos URL Filtering annual cost: n/a – this is a bundled cost including several other Sophos products URL Filtering expiry date: 03/2020 Firewall vendor: Cisco/Sophos Firewall annual cost: Cisco: £7K / Sophos: n/a – part of a bundled […]

FOI 5082 IT Systems

Published: March 6, 2017

Please provide details of which system you use and which supplier provides your Trust with the following functionality:   PAS Scheduling Letters creation ePrescribing PACS RIS Pharmacy LIMS Observations Order Communications   For the same areas, please provide details of when each of these contracts is due for renewal.   Is the Trust currently in […]

FOI 4989 Rhapsody Integration Engine

Published: February 28, 2017

Please provide us with information to the following questions regarding the Integration Engine/Platform in use at the Trust.   1) Can you confirm that your Trust uses the Rhapsody Integration Engine for integrating the Trust source systems? e.g. For integration and sharing of information between clinical systems EG: PAS ADT / Demographic messages to Radiology […]

FOI 4955 ICT and information systems

Published: February 28, 2017

What is your Current Healthcare information system? Please see Attachment 1 Which solutions are you using as an Electronic Patient Record We do not have a single EPR system- the systems we use are iCare (in house developed), Concerto, Badgernet (maternity), Auditbase, Proton, SystmOne, CareStream Dental, Bookwise, MSS, Which solutions are you using as a […]

FOI 5059 Endoscopy systems

Published: February 24, 2017

1. Do you currently have endoscopy reporting software installed? Yes 2. if the answer to Q1 is yes, who is the software provider? Endobase (olympus) 3. If the answer to Q1, is yes, was the software installed under a fixed term contract or on an annual renewal basis? Neither 4. if the software was installed […]

FOI 4935 ICT

Published: January 19, 2017

1 a: How much did your Trust spend in total on IT technologies and IT services during the 2015/2016 fiscal year? Purchase order value £8,757,006 1 b: By comparison, how much did your Trust spend in total on IT technologies and IT services during the 2014/2015 fiscal year? Purchase order value £9,636,461 (Data taken from […]

FOI 4973 ICT – Cloud Services

Published: January 16, 2017

1. Are you currently using any cloud services from a public cloud vendor such as Amazon, Microsoft etc? No 2. What services are you using? Not applicable 3. Who is responsible for maintaining these relationships? Not applicable 4. If not, have you plans to begin using any such services in the next 3 years? No […]

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