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Communications: Medical Equipment

FOI 0437 2019/20 Computer Programs Used by Clinical Staff

Published: November 27, 2019

Freedom of Information Request: 0437 2019/20 I wish to request a list of all the computer programs used by your trust by clinical staff. If this could be provided alongside the function the software is used for, and the annual cost. Please see attached document FOI 0437

FOI 0407 2019/20 Cardiology Digital Systems

Published: November 27, 2019

Please see attached document regarding Cardiology Digital Systems FOI 0407

FOI 0383 2019/20 Medical Beds

Published: November 22, 2019

Freedom of Information Request: 0383 2019/20 How many medical beds are there at Solihull Hospital? 131  

FOI 0331 2019/20: Ophthalmology Units

Published: October 7, 2019

Freedom of Information Request: 0331 2019/20 University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB) completed a merger by acquisition of Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust (HEFT) on 1st April 2018.  Due to historical differences in data collection/reporting across UHB and the former Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust this response has been provided by hospital […]

FOI 0241 2019/20: Medical Engineering

Published: September 13, 2019

Freedom of Information Request: 0241 2019/20 Does the trust have an internal EBME/Clinical Engineering/Medical Engineering department who are responsible for maintenance, repairs and servicing of medical devices or is this outsourced to an external contractor or is it a combination of inhouse and outsourced?Internal Medical Engineering Department who are responsible for the maintenance, repairs and […]

FOI 0207 2019/20: Purchase of Unlicensed Medicines

Published: September 5, 2019

  Freedom of Information Request: 0207 2019/20 Please could you provide me for the months of October-18 to March-19 with the purchases of Unlicensed Medicines by the trust. Could I please have the following information: Name and pack size of medicine (generically and propitiatory name if applicable) The number of packs procured broken down by […]

FOI 0201 2019/20: Drug Fridge Failures

Published: September 3, 2019

Freedom of Information Request: 0201 2019/20 Please tell me in the previous three financial years (2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19) how many times fridges used to cool drugs malfunctioned resulting in loss of pharmaceutical stock.  For each separate incident, please tell me a) the value of the drugs lost, b) the cost to fix the malfunctioning fridge […]

FOI 0196 2019/20: Simulation Labs

Published: September 3, 2019

Freedom of Information Request: 0196 2019/20 Do you have a simulation lab? Yes If so, when was your simulation lab opened? 2010 as part of the opening of the new hospital and clinical skills suite, but was not functioning as a simulation lab fully until approx. 2013 – 2014, and was used for skills training […]

FOI 0174 2019/20: Surgical Equipment Sterilisation

Published: August 30, 2019

Freedom of Information Request: 0174 2019/20 Is decontamination/sterilisation handled in-house or outsourced? The decontamination is outsourced and is provided at 2 “off-site” locations What is the total number of trays process on a daily/monthly/yearly basis? From April 2018 to March 2019 there were 134,974 “trays reprocessed” for Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (QEHB)  and 155,269 trays […]

FOI 0162 2019/20 Bariatric Equipment Cost

Published: August 30, 2019

Freedom of Information Request: 0162 2019/20  Please send me data on your Trust’s spend (in GBP) on specialist bariatric equipment (e.g. bariatric beds, seating, wheelchairs, hoists and scale systems) split by spend type and year: Capital expenditure vs rentals/leases Financial years 14/15, 15/16, 16/17, 17/18, 18/19  I would like the above information to be provided […]

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