Skin Cancer Team

Published/updated: 13/07/12 15:17

The aim of the skin cancer multidisciplinary team (MDT) is to provide a high quality multi professional approach offering individualised care to all patients with a skin cancer. The Skin cancer team treat melanomas, squamous cell carcinoma and other rare non-melanoma skin cancers including atypical fibroxanthoma.

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Following a diagnosis of a skin cancer, patients and their carers will receive support and treatment from the skin cancer team.

The team is made up of a multi-disciplinary group of professional and clinical personnel whose aim is to care for patients with skin cancer.

It is essential that communication is effective, therefore the skin multidisciplinary team (MDT) hold a fortnightly meeting at Solihull. In this meeting we discuss all skin cancer patients and review their histology, radiology and other investigations patients may have had. This allows the team to decide the most appropriate treatment for individuals based on best evidence and best outcomes.

Following the MDT meeting, each patient will receive an appointment to see their consultant and/or key worker (clinical nurse specialist) to discuss and plan the treatment decided by the team.

The role of the Skin Cancer Specialist Nurse

Within the skin team we have three clinical nurse specialists. Their role is to act as a key worker and care for patients with skin cancer. The Nurses will provide you with ongoing support through your cancer treatment and can provide you and your carers with advice and information about investigations, procedures, treatments, support organisations and any other services you may benefit from.

The Role of the Cancer Service Coordinator

The Cancer Service Coordinator organises both the MDT meetings and investigations and treatment for patients with Skin cancer, ensuring the team is working to Department of Health standards and to government targets for patients with cancer.


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Dr I Zaki 0121 42 45551

Dr A Heagerty 0121 42 44563

Dr T Finch 0121 42 44540

Dr A Loffeld 0121 42 44550

Dr A Salim 0121 42 44505

Dr S Orpin 0121 42 44550

Dr J Bhatt 0121 424 7332

Dr M Kaur 0121 424 7332

Dr J Goulding 0121 424 4678

Dr J Hague 0121 424 5485

Dr H Al-Rawi 0121 42 49875

Dermatology Outpatients

0121 42 45147

Clinical Nurse Specialists

0121 42 44631 (Solihull)

0121 42 49343 (Goodhope)

Liz Nightingale
Judy Bridge
Jacqui Jones

MDT Co-ordinator

Rebecca Pritchard


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Lead Clinician
Dr A Loffeld

Consultant Dermatologists
Dr A Loffeld
Dr A Heagerty
Dr T Finch
Dr A Loffeld
Dr A Salim
Dr J Bhatt
Dr M Kaur
Dr J Hague

Dr H Al-Rawi

Associate Specialist
Dr S Orpin
Dr E A Todd

Consultant Surgeons
Mr R Papini
Mr K Webster
Mr T Reuser
Mr A Shahram
Mr E Ellaban

Consultant Oncologist
Dr A Hartley

Consultant Histopathologists
Dr P Colloby
Dr R Muc
Dr KC Wu
Dr Saleem



Cancer Bacup

Information, practical advice and emotional support

Contact by telephone 0800 800 1234 (Monday-Friday 9am-7pm)

Macmillan Cancer Relief

Contact by telephone 0808 808 2020 (Monday – Friday 9am-6pm)


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