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FOI 2756 Outpatient Hysteroscopy/Biopsy – Pain control and Patient Choice

1. The current patient information leaflet: please see attached, please note this is reproduced from the version from our Patient Information Database which logs leaflets provided to patients.


2. The current consent form: verbal consent is documented in patient’s notes


3. The current surgical protocol. Please see attached


4. Does the leaflet advise the patient to ask her GP to prescribe gynae-specific painkillers to be taken BEFORE the procedure – it  suggests over the counter pain relief


5. What type and dose of painkillers does your Trust advise patients to take before the procedure? see above


6. Are ALL your hysteroscopy/biopsy patients given the following choices BEFORE the procedure is attempted: if patients agree to outpatient procedure none of the below are offered however if an outpatient procedure is declined all below will be discussed

a) General Anaesthesia – Y/N?

b) spinal anaesthesia – Y/N?

c) conscious sedation – Y/N?


7. For each of the last 3 financial years, how many of your hysteroscopy/biopsy patients had

a) GA with overnight stay?

b) GA day-case ?

c) spinal anaesthesia?

d) conscious sedation?

e) local anaesthetic?

f) no anaesthetic?


Please see attached spreadsheet, this is for inpatients only.


8. What width hysteroscopes do you use? Rigid or flexible? Rigid


9. For each of the last 3 financial years what % patients DNA outpatient hysteroscopy/biopsy? We do not hold this information


10. For each of the last 3 financial years what % OP hysteroscopy/biopsy patients had a failed procedure that had to be repeated with epidural, GA or conscious sedation? We do not hold this information


11. All audits of adverse events, e.g. infection, perforation during the last 3 financial years. We do not hold this information


12. All surveys of patients’ experiences during the last 3 financial years. We do not hold this information


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